Aurora’s Guide to Mobile Number Portability – Auto Switch

Aurora’s Guide to Mobile Number Portability – Auto Switch

Auto-Switch, also known as PAC by SMS, is new legislation implemented from 1st July 2019 throughout the mobile industry aimed at simplifying the process of changing providers for the end user.

There were 3 main sources of concern for customers:

  • Difficulties when contacting their existing provider to transfer (port) their number or cancel their old service, including unwanted attempts from their provider to persuade them to stay

  • Payment of notice period charges for an old service weeks after they had switched, which amounts to around £10 million per year in unwanted double-payments

  • Short-term loss of service when switching

You can read more about the legislation here

The challenges this will pose:

  • Mobile Resellers will need a fully connected billing system capable of receiving mobile network auto-switch text messages to be compliant with the Auto-Switch legislation

  • Mobile Resellers will have to have a 24/7 available platform to enable their customers to request and communicate a PAC code by SMS

  • Providers will have to be more aware of their customers’ contracts and any applicable termination fees

How Affinity Billing can help!

Affinity Billing’s MNP Auto-Switch solution incorporates the following key areas:

  • Integration with mobile networks to receive notification of switch requests consumers have sent to the short codes

  • Integration with MNP system (Syniverse) to obtain PAC & N-PAC information (for service provider, VSP and Daisy Mobile customers)

  • Visibility to internal teams and customers for audit trail and customer service

  • Automated communication with end customers

Please contact Jeannette Goodred or call 01634 673 800 for more information on Affinity Billing and how it can empower your reseller business.

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