Introducing the brand-new Affinity Billing Lite!

Introducing the brand-new Affinity Billing Lite!


We’ve been working hard at Aurora over the past couple of months on what will be the first of many in a new generation of Affinity products, and we’re very pleased to say it’s just been launched. Introducing...Affinity Billing Lite!


So why have we developed Affinity Billing Lite?


Well, let’s say you’re an up-and-coming telecoms reseller and you’ve got big plans to grow your business. In order to scale, you need a system that can automate the billing of your customers, allowing you to focus on sales.


Up until very recently, billing systems and the market were very much focused on catering to larger resellers with complex billing operations. These billing systems often require heavy investment both in terms of infrastructure and cash.


But, as an ambitious, growing reseller, you need a billing system that’s:

  • Web-based, so you can access it from anywhere.
  • Easy to use (no degree in billing systems required).
  • Cost effective to help your cashflow.


This is where Affinity Billing Lite comes in. We have developed an entry-level billing system that start-up and growing resellers can take advantage of to help grow their business. The idea is to offer a simple to use, plug and play billing system that enables resellers to easily create, manage and bill their customers, with a low monthly cost.


Power in Partnership


Digital Wholesale Solutions is the number one independent communications, IT, cloud services and software provider to the Channel, providing Aurora with the perfect platform to connect our software solutions with resellers.


Affinity Billing Lite is currently exclusively available through the DWS Wholesale Portal. You will need to be a DWS partner to gain access, but it's quick and easy to get set up. Once you’re a DWS partner, the team there will be able to get you set up with Affinity Billing Lite.


So what are the other reasons you should look at Affinity Billing Lite?


Working so closely with DWS has enabled us to include lots of key benefits that are designed to save you time, and time is money. These benefits include:

  • Automated CDR processing and billing of DWS products.
  • Integrated ordering and provisioning of DWS products.
  • Customisable invoices to your customers with your branding.
  • Branded self-serve portal for your customers to access and manage their account info.


We could talk about Affinity Billing Lite all day. But we’d rather you check it out for yourself. If you fancy taking a look, we can arrange a demo for you.

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