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Affinity Billing Lite has been designed for start-up and growing resellers who want to scale their business by being able to quickly and easily bill their customers, manage provisioning, tariff plans and charges. Time is money, so we’ve integrated the provisioning of Digital Wholesale Solutions' products into Affinity Billing Lite to reduce lead times and remove the need for re-keying information between systems.


Manage everything in one place

With Billing Lite you are able to manage everything in one place. From creating and manage customers, tariffs, service charges to tracking revenue from invoicing.


Key Features

  • Fully web-based. Access Affinity Billing Lite from anywhere at any time
  • Create and manage customers, tariffs, service charges and track revenue from invoicing
  • Automated CDR processing and billing of Digital Wholesale Solutions' products
  • Integrated ordering and provisioning of Digital Wholesale Solutions' products
  • Reseller-branded invoices as well as a branded self-serve portal for customers
  • Revenue reporting to uncover insights and trends
  • Simple call tariffing and bundling options

Key Features

  • Bill anything, converged onto one easy to understand bill
  • Discover insights and opportunities and analyse your customers using billing management reporting
  • Manage supplier billing and margins with powerful reconciliation tools
  • Accept CDRs data feeds from most carriers as well as a host of other automated inputs
  • Offers granular reporting options to ensure you understand the impact of everything you do
  • Advanced, feature-rich web portal with graphical reporting that can be tailored to your or your customer’s branding


Purchasing Affinity Billing Lite


Digital Wholesale Solutions is the number one independent communications, IT, cloud services and software provider to the Channel, providing Aurora with the perfect platform to connect our software solutions with resellers.


Affinity Billing Lite is currently exclusively available through Digital Wholesale Solutions’ Wholesale Portal. You will need to be a partner to access this, but it's quick and easy to get set up.


Once you’re a Digital Wholesale Solutions’ partner, the team there will be able to get you set up with Affinity Billing Lite.



Entry-level pricepoint

A high-quality billing solution without the high price. No need to make sizeable investments in resources and infrastructure.



Provision in one place

Quickly provision and bill a wide range of telecoms and data products through this single platform.


Easy to set up

Resellers don’t need extensive product or billing knowledge to get started with Affinity Billing Lite. You can get up and running quickly following a few basic steps.



Consistent brand experience

Add significant value to your propositions by offering a branded portal whilst also improving customer satisfaction and reduce admin time producing and sending invoices.



Increased revenue.

By offering a more automated and efficient way of performing bill runs, Billing increases your income.


Quick and on time.

Affinity Billing ensures invoicing is both accurate as well as super-quick, improving your cashflow.


Deeper insight.

Analyse consumer purchasing patterns using billing management reporting to discover more ways to engage with your customers.


Scalable and flexible.

Designed to work the way you do Affinity Billing will grow with your business without disruption.