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For over a decade Aurora has been a leading provider of Consultancy services to many of the market leading Service Providers, ICT Resellers and Corporates.

Aurora offers extensive consultancy solutions including Telecom Audits, Billing Analysis & Tariff Optimisation, Telecom Expense Management Strategy and Procurement Projects.


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Key Features

  • A true billing partnership.
  • Reduced overhead costs – no need to employ additional billing personnel.
  • Scalable and flexible to your business needs.
  • Retain control of your commercial operations.

Aurora can identify cost savings, compare charges and spot opportunities to reduce purchase costs by over 50%.


 Increased revenue.

By offering a more automated and efficient way of performing bill runs, Billing increases your income.


 Deeper insight.

Analyse consumer purchasing patterns using billing management reporting to discover more ways to engage with your customers.

 Quick and on time.

Affinity Billing ensures invoicing is both accurate as well as super-quick, improving your cashflow.


 Scalable and flexible.

Designed to work the way you do Affinity Billing will grow with your business without disruption.